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In 1965, Muzaffer Polat Group started its trade operations in Ermenek district of Karaman with wholesale food and halva sales. With the motto "Everyone has the right to good food", and taking into account the transformation dynamics in food and agriculture, it established the POL'S brand in Ermenek in 2017 to support regional development.
Our goal is to leave a mark on the land where we were born. For this purpose, we provide regular agricultural training with controlled agricultural practices by creating an employment environment for the farmers and women of the region. As Pol's, we know that the cornerstone of sustainability is women's employment. With 80% of our female employees behind us, we shape what we take from these lands with women's hands. We think it's NATURAL! As Pol's, we are based on the developing and changing production technologies and consumer demands. We continue on our way with firm steps by conducting R&D studies in the field of functional food and determining our targets in this direction. We work with the best in the field by adopting the understanding of natural and reliable products for the future of our country and the world, especially for human health. We aimed to support Turkey's sustainable development goals, to bring healthy and natural products to consumers with the highest quality, and to expand our share in the sector.


Pol's, Our Brand Growing and Developing Over Time

We started to serve as one of the few production facilities using freeze-dry technology in Turkey. In a short time, we signed two giant brands on behalf of the sustainable ecosystem, Pol's Freeze Fresh and Pol's Helvart. By using the Freeze dry technology in our production facilities, we have brought the vegetables and fruits grown with controlled agricultural practices to consumers by preserving their unique qualities at a rate of 97%. With our expert and experienced production team, we continue to promote our healthy, natural, sugar-free and additive-free Pol' Freeze Fresh and Pol's Helvart branded products globally.

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Controlled Agriculture for a Healthier and More Naturally Eating Future with Pol's

Since the first day we started production, as Pol's, we have been continuing our way without compromising production quality, we support controlled agricultural practices, and we supply our raw materials within the framework of contracted agriculture based on annual agreements between farmers and companies. At the same time, we offer training on quality and natural production to our farmers through expert agricultural engineers. Thanks to this training, which is the basic stages of sustainable healthy food production and consumption, we carry out our products in the field of controlled and natural agriculture together with our farmers. While the agricultural experts working with us work with the farmers in the field and the garden from planting to harvest, our expert and experienced production team continue to produce in our facility within the framework of national and international food quality.


While we ensure that healthy, natural, and pesticide-free products can be grown, we also create employment opportunities for agricultural engineers, farmers, and local people involved in other production services.

Women Empowerment

Regional Development

100% Natural Production

With an understanding that feeds on and nourishes nature...