Sustainable Controlled Agriculture

Sustainably Controlled Agriculture for a Healthier and More Naturally Eating Future with Pol's

As Pol's, we have supported and continue to support contracted controlled agriculture studies since the first day, while we continue on our way without compromising the greatest production quality. In this direction, we make annual contracts with our farmers to support sustainability with our controlled agricultural practices and guarantee the quality of our raw materials. At the same time, we ensure the continuity of controlled agriculture by providing training on quality and natural production to our farmers through expert agricultural engineers.


We Have a Production Approach in Compliance with Quality Standards!

Thanks to agricultural training, which is the basic stage of sustainable healthy food production and consumption, our farmers produce consciously about controlled and natural agriculture. While the agricultural experts working with us work with the farmers in the field and the garden from planting to harvest, our expert and experienced production team continue to produce in our facility within the framework of national and international food quality. While we ensure that healthy, natural, pesticide-free products can be grown, we also create job opportunities for agricultural engineers, farmers, and local people, mostly women, who are involved in other production services.


We Support Regional Development!

We support development by making new contracts with our farmers who produce within the framework of the controlled agriculture practice, providing them with agricultural training, producing our products ourselves, and providing regional employment. We always see our employees as a family, and we continue this movement we started for development together with them.