Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry

  • Contains no added sugar.
  • Additive, colorant and preservative free.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.
  • Gluten and GMO-free.
  • High in nutrients and antioxidants.

Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry

Pol’s frozen sour cherry is a fruit product frozen by using the IQF method, which is frequently employed in hotels, cafes and restaurants (HORECA).  Pol’s frozen sour cherry is one of the most preferred products in industry.

Produced by freezing the fruit using the IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method in Pol’s frozen  sour cherry factory, frozen sour cherries suffer only a minimal loss of taste, smell, flavor, aroma, color and nutritional values.  For this reason, the IQF method used by Pol’s is the most effective way to preserve seasonally cultivated fruits of appropriate ripeness for extended periods maintaining their unique characteristics.

Frozen sour cherries are one of the main fruits used in the food industry, dairy industry, jam and marmalade industry, patisserie products industry, infant and elderly nutrition industry and HORECA.  Allowing for continuity in the sectors in which they are used, Pol’s frozen fruits are quick to use, high quality and long lasting products.  As a matter of fact, Pol’s develops professional practices for sustainability through technological innovations in the food and beverage industry sector where food waste, food loss and energy consumption rates are particularly very high.

Why are Pol’s Industrial Frozen Sour Cherries and Frozen Fruits demanded?

Controlled agriculture, especially human health matters to us!  

Frozen sour cherries and other frozen products that Pol’s manufactures meet the food regulation standards.   Pol’s frozen sour cherries are meticulously processed starting from the time they are harvested until delivery to the consumer and kept in cold chain warehouses at low temperatures.  Pol’s frozen fruits also contribute to sustainable agriculture and health food consumption significantly.

Pol’s frozen sour cherries are the quick solution for industrial food production! 

The immediate availability and readiness for instant use make Pol’s frozen sour cherries a quick solution especially for the food and beverage industry.

Easily accessible frozen sour cherries 

Allowing for all year round consumption, Pol’s frozen sour cherries suffer almost no loss in color, smell, flavor and nutritional value.  Frozen by using the IQF method to preserve the first-day are sour cherries can immediately be made available thanks to Pol’s production facilities.

Can be stored for extended periods with no compromises in its quality! 

Sour cherries frozen using the IQF method can be stored for extended periods at low temperatures .  This method allows to preserve the fruit’s unique smell, taste, flavor, color and nutritional value to a great extent.

Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry Areas of Use

Being a very quick and convenient solution especially for the food industry, Pol’s frozen sour cherries areas of use;

  • HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafe)
  • Industrial production (sweet and sugar-free food production industry, dairy production industry, infant and elderly nutrition industry, etc.)
  • Catering sector (companies providing industrial catering, office delivery catering, open buffet catering and private catering services)

Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry Varieties

Containing no additives and produced by being frozen using the IQF method, Pol’s frozen cherries can be available in various forms depending on the users’ demands.  Can be produced in the forms of whole, slice and cube.

Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry Production

Sour cherries brought to Pol’s production facility in right season are subjected to screening, washing and freezing procedures under suitable conditions.  Frozen using the IQF technology sour cherries can meet the all year round demands of various food sectors.

Pol’s Frozen Sour Cherry Production Properties

The cutting edge IQF being employing  in its production, Pol’s frozen sour cherries are one of the quick and high quality solutions for the HORECA sector.  Subjected to IQF process, Pol’s frozen sour cherry properties;

  • Does not contain additives and preservatives.
  • Can be frozen in whole, slice or cube depending on the demand.
  • Taste, smell, flavor and nutritional value are preserved at the utmost level.
  • Undergo washing and screening procedures. Ready for immediate use.

Pol’s Production Plant

Located in Ermenek district of Karaman, Pol’s Production Facility has been striving to produce solutions for the food sector and has become a leader in its sector by achieving a major success in this field.  Adopting an innovative perspective, Pol’s has managed to minimize the loss of taste, smell, flavor and nutritional value of frozen fruits by making use of the cutting-edge IQF method .  Pol’s Production Facility has introduced significant innovations to the food sector with its expert and experienced production staff.  The fundamental innovations realized in Pol’s Production Facility allow for storing the fruits for extended periods, stabilizing the colors, smells, flavors and nutritional values of frozen fruits.

Product Properties

Sorted, washed, pitted, frozen.

Content Features

Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no additives.

Storage Conditions

2 years at -18 ºC

Packaging Type

4*2,5 kg / 1*10 kg Cardboard Parcel

Product Form

DICED: 1/2
SLICED: 6×6 / 10×10