Pol’s Frozen Lemon

  • Contains no added sugar.
  • Additive, colorant and preservative free.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.
  • Gluten-free.
  • GMO-free.

Pol’s Frozen Lemon

Pol’s frozen lemon product is made of lemons of appropriate ripeness, cultivated within the framework of controlled agriculture harvested in the right season and frozen using IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology.  Used as raw material in industrial food production, HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafe) sector and catering enterprises, Pol’s frozen lemon is produced in the forms of slices or cubes depending on the need.

Pol’s frozen lemon product never clumps up since it is frozen using IQF method.  Additionally, it can be used all year round and stays almost fully fresh thanks to this method used in its production.  Offering innovative solutions on the basis of sustainable controlled agriculture and health food production-consumption, Pol’s serves at national and international level.

Pol’s Frozen Lemon Areas of Use are Increasing Day by Day!

Pol’s frozen lemon areas of use are increasing rapidly day by day.  The major factor influencing  this is healthy and reliable methods used in production as well as the increasing awareness of consumer groups about frozen foods.  Additionally, it provides great convenience to its users as no clumping occurs since frozen lemons are frozen using the IQF method. This advantage of frozen lemons also positively influences the expansion of frozen lemon usage areas.  Pol’s frozen lemon areas of use;

  • Industrial food production
  • HORECA (hotel, cafe, restaurant) sector
  • Catering sector.

Used in a wide variety of areas such as patisserie, fruit juice or flavor industry, food supplement production, chocolate industry; Pol’s frozen lemon is a very healthy, convenient, reliable and quick solution.

Pol’s Frozen Lemon Varieties

Pol’s frozen lemon varieties are generally diversified depending on the needs of the sectors that use them.  Produced in accordance with the specifications of the enterprises serving in the food production sector and various food and beverage sectors Pol’s Frozen Lemon varieties are available in the form of slices and cubes.  Pol’s frozen lemon peel can be conveniently consumed all year round and almost identical to the state the fruit was harvested.

Pol’s Frozen Lemon Properties

  • GMO and gluten free.
  • Does not contain any additives such as preservatives, colorants, sweeteners, etc.
  • Frozen with IQF technology.
  • No clumping.
  • Preserving taste, smell, flavor and nutritional values.
  • Produced in the form of slices and cubes.
  • Ready for immediate use as they undergo washing and screening processes.

Pol’s Production Plant

Established in Karaman Ermenek with the aim to utilize locally produced crops, Pol’s Production Facility focuses on making healthy production and consumption sustainable.  Continuing its own path with the trainings it has given to farmers in this field and the modernistic methods it employs in production, and R&D studies, Pol’s has achieved growth in a short time and has become a brand that serves worldwide.   Pol’s continues to offer quality, convenient, durable, healthy and quick solutions with its expert and experienced production staff.

Product Properties

Sorted, washed, cut, frozen.

Content Features

Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no additives.

Storage Conditions

2 years at -18 ºC

Packaging Type

4*2,5 kg / 1*10 kg Cardboard Parcel

Product Form

RINGS: 5-7 mm
DICED: 10×10 mm / 20×20 mm