Pol’s Frozen Fig

  • Contains no added sugar
  • Additive, colorant and preservative free.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.
  • Gluten and GMO-free.
  • Highly nutritious.

Pol’s Frozen Fig 

Pol’s frozen fig is produced by using the IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology, preserving its state of freshness  almost like the day it is harvested and is a fruit that is frequently used in  industrial food production and the HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafe) sector. Its taste, smell, flavor and nutritional value are greatly preserved thanks to the IQF production method. Pol’s frozen figs offer continuity and convenience to the sectors they are used in.  

What are the Reasons that Food Industry Frequently Prefers Pol’s Industrial Frozen Figs?  

Pol’s industrial frozen figs are produced by undergoing the IQF process, so they can preserve many of their unique characteristics for a extended periods under favorable conditions.  All year round availability of products is very important since industrial food production is a continual sector.  Frozen figs offer a quick and convenient solution with this very feature.  Pol’s frozen figs has become one of the most favored products by the food industry as they are GMO-free, high quality and easy accessible. Pol’s industrial frozen figs can be produced in whole, slices or cubes in accordance with the demand for HORECA and other food industries.  

Pol’s Frozen Fig Areas of Use 

Pol’s frozen figs areas of use generally cover enterprises established in the field of food and beverage.  Therefore, areas of use of frozen figs;

  • HORECA sector (hotels, cafes, restaurants) 
  • Industrial food production (ready-to-eat food production, infant and elderly nutrition, dessert and patisserie sector, etc.)
  • Popular in the catering sector (enterprises established to provide food and beverage service for massive organizations for various purposes.) 

Pol’s Frozen Fig Varieties 

Pol’s frozen fig varieties are diversified depending on the needs of the sectors that use them.  Mainly produced in forms of whole, slice and cube, Pol’s frozen fig varieties can be stored for extended periods at low temperatures.  Produced by undergoing freezing process using IQF technology Pol’s frozen figs or fig bits do not stick to each other. Therefore, they can be easily removed from the package in quantities needed.  

Pol’s Frozen Fig Production and IQF Method 

Pol’s frozen figs are produced by using (Individual Quick Freezing) technology.  IQF method is a quick and individual fruit freezing process.  Fruits of suitable ripeness level harvested just in the right season are delivered to Pol’s frozen food production facility under adequate conditions and in an expedited manner.  Going through pre-processing steps such as washing, screening, the figs are then frozen by using IQF technology. Undergoing all the necessary quality tests, the figs are packaged and transported to frozen product warehouses at low temperatures and stored in these warehouses under controlled conditions until the time of shipment to the required locations.  

Pol’s Frozen Fig Properties 

  • Produced depending on the demand in the forms of whole, slice or cube.
  • GMO-free,
  • Gluten-free.
  • Preservative free.
  • Contains no additives.
  • Produced with IQF technology.
  • Has national and internationally recognized quality and safe food certificates.

Pol’s Production Plant 

Pol’s Production Facility is highly conscious about sustainable agriculture, sustainable health food production and consumption.  Being very sensitive to this issue, Pol’s Production Facility employs the IQF method in production.  Producing frozen fruits that can stay fresh for all year round thanks to this method, Pol’s  serves both at home and abroad.  It offers quick, healthy and reliable solutions for frozen fruit demands with its professional and experienced team.

Product Properties

Sorted, washed, cut, frozen.

Content Features

Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no additives.

Storage Conditions

2 years at -18 ºC

Packaging Type

4*2,5 kg / 1*10 kg Cardboard Parcel

Product Form

SLICED: 1/2,  5-7 mm
DICED: 6×6 mm / 10×10 mm / 20×20 mm