Pol’s Frozen Blueberry

  • Contains no added sugar.
  • Additive, colorant and preservative free.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.
  • Gluten and GMO-free.
  • Highly nutritious.

Pol’s Frozen Blueberry

Pol’s frozen blueberry is a fruit product frozen using IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method and mainly used as raw material in industrial food production and other miscellaneous sectors serving in the food and beverage sector and HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafe) sector.   Pol’s frozen blueberries preserve their taste, smell, color, flavor and nutritional value for extended periods thanks under appropriate conditions to IQF technology.  Pol’s develops major innovations for sustainable agriculture and sustainable health food production and consumption.

Pol’s Frozen Blueberry Areas of Use

Thanks to latest techniques used in frozen fruit production, the fruits can preserve their freshness and nutritional value for extended periods.  Pol’s frozen blueberries areas of use are highly extended as they are very convenient for its users and accessible all year round. Offer solutions to meet the expectations of producers and consumers Pol’s frozen blueberries areas of use;

  • They are used in industrial food production such as fruit juice, flavor production, specialty infant and elderly nutrition, filling material production, chocolate production, dairy food production and many more.
  • Can be used easily in various production industries such as patisserie, yoghurt or dairy food production, beverage production, diet products in the catering sector.
  • It is frequently preferred in HORECA enterprises, in the production of desserts, flavored sauces and beverages, biscuits, cakes, cookies and many other products.

Pol’s Frozen Blueberry Varieties

Pol’s frozen blueberry varieties are generally determined on basis of the needs of the sector and users.  Having an exclusive position in frozen fruits Pol’s frozen blueberries are generally preferred in the whole form.  In addition to being high quality and long-lasting, Pol’s frozen blueberries undergo the IQF process produced in the form of whole berries.  Thus, it can be removed conveniently from the packaging as much as needed during use.  This prevents waste of food significantly.

Pol’s Frozen Blueberry Production and Quality

Production of Pol’s frozen blueberries is carried out by employing the innovative IQF technology and miscellaneous quality control processes.  The development of this technology and similar modern techniques in frozen fruit production was led by the changing eating habits in all countries across the world and consumers’ preference for convenient products.

Pol’s Frozen Blueberry Properties

  • Contains no added sugar
  • Additive, sweetener, colorant and preservative free.
  • Frozen with IQF technology.
  • Taste, color, smell and nutritional value are preserved at the utmost level.
  • Ready for immediate use as they have undergone washing and cleaning processes.

Pol’s Production Plant

Pol’s Production Facility was established in Ermenek with the goal of contributing to sustainable controlled agriculture, sustainable health food production and consumption.  Having become a corporate brand thanks to the controlled agriculture trainings given to farmers and innovative approaches in production, Pol’s production facility adopts the vision of producing natural, high quality and long-lasting products.

Product Properties

Sorted, washed, frozen.

Content Features

Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no additives.

Storage Conditions

2 years at -18 ºC

Packaging Type

4*2,5 kg / 1*10 kg Cardboard Parcel

Product Form