Pol’s Freeze Dried Corn

Does not contain additives.
Produced with freeze-drying technology.
The nutritional values ​​were preserved at the rate of 97%.
Its aroma, color, and smell are preserved.

Pol’s Freeze-Dried Corn

Pol’s freeze-dried corn is the product obtained as a result of drying after freezing extremely delicious and healthy corn by the freeze-dry technology procedure. Additive-free and natural Pol’s freeze-dried corn, which provides continuity for industrial food production, HORECA, and catering sectors, can preserve its unique qualities at a rate of 97% for many years.

Natural Pol’s Freeze-Dried Corn Properties

Pol’s freeze-dried corn properties are produced with freeze-drying technology;

  • Does not contain GMOs.
  • Does not contain gluten, sugar, or other artificial sweeteners.
  • Colorant, preservative etc. It is produced without the use of additives.
  • Suitable for vegan and diet consumption.
  • It has high nutritional and vitamin values.
  • It is produced by preserving the colors, smells, and aromas of the products at a rate of 97%.

Freeze Drying Technology & Pol’s Freeze Dried Corn Manufacturing

With the freeze-drying technology developed to produce astronaut food, freeze-dried fruits, which are used as raw materials in the field of industrial food production today, are prepared. Corns grown with good farming methods are transferred to the Pol’s freeze-dried fruit production facility, where it is carefully harvested, under appropriate conditions. The corn, which has undergone universal washing processes, is brought into kernel form and distributed homogeneously on the freezer belts. Thanks to the freezer belts that emit continuous cold air waves, the corn is frozen without blocking. The frozen corn product is shipped to freeze-dried ovens for the sublimation stage.

Sublimation Process in Pol’s Freeze Dried Corn Production

The corns covered with ice crystals are arranged homogeneously on the trays of freeze-dry ovens for the sublimation stage. The ice crystals formed in the corn are directly converted into gas and removed from the product. Corns, which are kept for a while under low pressure and appropriate heat treatment, are completely purified from the moisture molecules they contain. Corns, which keep all their unique qualities by 97%, are finally subjected to quality control processes and packed appropriately, and made ready for their users.

What are the Advantages of Freeze Dry Technology?

Freeze-dry technology, also known as space technology, is much more helpful and healthier than traditional fruit and vegetable drying methods. Freeze-dried products produced with this technology;

  • Freshness in its branches
  • Colors
  • Aromas
  • Smells their nutritional values
  • They contain minerals and nutritional values.
  • Physical tissues
  • They can maintain their volume at a rate of 97% for many years.
  • No aflatoxin, mold, or fungus formation occurs on fruits or vegetables.

Pol’s Freeze-Dried Corn Use Sectors

Pol’s freeze-dried corn is a raw material with different options for industrial food production, HORECA (hotel, cafe, restaurant), and catering sectors. Also, freeze-dried corn;

  • Ready meal industry
  • Pastry products industry (cake, biscuit, chocolate, etc.)
  • Dairy industry (smoothies, fruit yogurts, ice creams, etc.)
  • It can be used in various fields such as the baby and elderly special food industry.

Pol’s Freeze-Dried Corn Production Facility

Pol’s Freeze-Dried Corn Production Facility, which uses its knowledge and experience to preserve fruits in a healthier, better quality, and more nutritious manner, has been serving the whole world from Turkey for many years. Pol’s Freeze-Dried Fruit Production Facility, which has been serving within the framework of an innovative and modern production approach since its establishment, has developed quickly. Pol’s provides service with its expert and experienced production team and all freeze-dried fruits & vegetables that it produces are certified products within the scope of quality and reliable food.

Product Properties

Frozen, dried, and ground.

Content Features

Vegan, gluten free, no added sugar, no additives.

Packaging Type

Aluminum packaging with barriers in specified quantities.

Storage Conditions

2 years at room temperature unopened.

Product Form

WHOLE: Kernel
POWDER: Uncalibrated / < 1 mm / < 500 mic. / < 200 mic.