Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot

  • Contains no added sugar.
  • Additive, colorant and preservative free.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.
  • Highly nutritious.
  • Gluten-free.
  • GMO-free.

What is Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot? 

Pol’s freeze dried apricot is a product produced by using freeze drying technology, initially developed to produce healthy and long-lasting foods for astronauts and used as raw material in industrial food production, HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafe) and catering sectors or can be consumed directly by all age groups in casual life.  Losing most of its weight during the lyophilisation process, Pol’s freeze dried apricot suffer almost no loss of color, taste, smell, physical structure, nutritional and mineral values and are rich in fiber, vitamins and energy. Freeze dried apricots produced by Pol’s are available in the forms of slice, granules or powder depending on the preference.  

Pol’s freeze dried industrial apricots and the advantages they offer over traditionally dried fruits 

Pol’s freeze dried industrial apricot are offered to its users with many more advantages in comparison to apricots dried by using traditional methods.  Particular advantages that freeze dry technology offers in the production of Pol’s freeze dried industrial apricots;

  • Can be stored for extended periods in barrier packaging without being opened.
  • Suffers minimal loss of taste, fragrance, flavor, smell and color.
  • It is convenient solution offering the advantage of immediate use in the industrial field.
  • It is perfect alternative in sustainable health food production and consumption.
  • Rich in nutrients and minerals.
  • Convenient to use.

Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot Production and Freeze Drying Technology 

Pol’s freeze dried apricot production is carried out using freeze dry technology, which was originally developed to produce healthy and long-lasting foods for astronauts.    

Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot Areas of Use 

Pol’s freeze dried apricots are available in various forms depending on the demand and can be conveniently used by various enterprises operating in the food and beverage sector.  It offers a convenient and delicious solution especially for industrial food production and for use at the kitchens of hotels, cafes and restaurants.  Additionally, Pol’s freeze dried apricots can be conveniently employed in many areas such as special infant and elderly nutrition, food supplement production, flavor production, patisserie and pastry ingredients production, and can be safely consumed casually at any time of day.

Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot Varieties 

Pol’s freeze dried apricot varieties are usually offered in different forms depending on the users’ and consumers’ specifications.  Pol’s freeze dried apricot varieties;

  • Slice
  • Cube
  • Granule
  • Powder

Pol’s Freeze Dried Apricot Properties 

  • Contains no additives.
  • GMO and Gluten free.
  • Unique properties are preserved at the utmost level.
  • Allows for direct consumption without being further processed.
  • Can optionally be used as raw material in food production.
  • Contains no added sugar.
  • Suitable for vegan diet.

Pol’s Freeze Dry Production Facility 

Located in Ermenek Pol’s Freeze Dry Production Facility operates with the aim of utilizing locally cultivated crops and popularizing sustainable controlled agriculture practices.  Adopting an innovative and modern perspective, Pol’s Freeze Dry Production Facility has achieved a growth in a short time within the framework of this vision and has become a brand that offers worldwide service.  It continues to produce healthy freeze dried fruits and vegetables with its production and quality team comprising of experts and professionals and offers these products to every location across the world.  

Product Properties

Sorted, washed, cut, frozen, dried, and ground.

Content Features

Vegan, gluten free, no added sugar, no additives.

Packaging Type

Aluminum packaging with barriers in specified quantities.

Product Form

SLICED: 1/2,  5-7 mm
DICED: 6×6 mm / 10×10 mm
GRANULE: 0-5 mm / 0-7 mm / 1-5 mm / 1-7 mm / 2-10 mm / 3-7 mm / 5-10 mm
POWDER: Uncalibrated / <1 mm / < 500 mic. / < 200 mic.